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Jennifer Fondrevay

Jennifer Fondrevay

Transition strategist | Ex-Nokia integrated marketing head | Class of 1989

One part boss, one part role model, one part career path navigator.

Sue Maul was all that — and then some — for Chicago-based consultant Jennifer Fondrevay, who now makes a living advising Fortune 500 companies and others going through transitions.

“While on the Illini Union Board (1987-89) I had the privilege of working with Sue,” says Fondrevay, who earned her bachelor’s degree in 1989, double majoring in political science and French.

“My IUB experience had the most profound impact on my future career as I ran activities for the Illini Union for two years, including Mom and Dad’s Day weekends. Sue was an amazing role model — my first ‘boss’ and she led by example.

“Enormously encouraging, she supported our creativity in every way. Though I went in as a poli sci and French major — my makeshift international relations pursuit — my entire career has been marketing and advertising.

“I have Sue Maul to thank as her encouragement helped direct my career.”