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John Kazik

John Kazik

Vice president, general manager | Brunswick Billiards | Class of 1991

When it comes to his time at Illinois, these are a few of John Kazik’s favorite things:

1. “As a person that now runs a pool table company,” says the Brunswick Billiards’ vice president/general manager, “I often think about where I fell in love with the game.

“What comes to mind is the Student Union; my fraternity, TKE; and a few bars — Gully’s, Kam’s and Eddie’s.

2. “If I wasn’t shooting pool, I could probably be found playing pickup hoops at IMPE, Frat Park or at any number of frat houses.”

3. “Dorm food and frat food isn’t like it is today,” notes the 1991 Gies College of Business grad, “so we had to often venture out to find something edible.

“I fondly recall going to La Bamba, Papa Del’s and the hot dog place that was a couple doors down from C.O.D.s.”