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Jon Burr

Jon Burr

Renowned bassist | Founded arrangerforhire.com | Class of 1975

What Jon Burr wouldn’t give for a Thunderbird wet beef sandwich and greasy double cheeseburger right about now. 

"Best in the world," says the acclaimed bassist, whose fondest memories revolve around the former Campustown eatery, "sitting across the table from John Garvey, violist and director of the U of I Jazz Band, puffing on his pipe, and me on my fourth free coffee refill.

"The Thunderbird was the unofficial Jazz HQ for the School of Music.

"One time, over pinball, I asked Marilyn the waitress, a good friend to the jazz community, 'Would you like to come to my place and listen to some Bartok?' To which she replied — wait for it — 'Why can’t you say it here?'"