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Kelsey Sutherland

Kelsey Sutherland

LA-based publicist | PMK•BNC | Class of 2014

September’s passing of the late, great Hugh Hefner inspired fellow College of Media alum Kelsey Sutherland to reflect back on her days learning about journalism at the UI. 

"When I think back to my days at Illinois, I absolutely think about Gregory Hall, the amazing professors and mentors I had, the rigorous classes and the associated late nights studying and working on creative group projects," says the former Ebertfest PR director, now a publicist at PMK•BNC in Los Angeles.

"I truly feel I received the best education possible for my desired career path – it not only stimulated me, but challenged me to think differently, more creatively, act more boldly and establish an amazing network of worthwhile connections that helped lead to my numerous internships.

“I also always think of the Delta Gamma house — or, as we called it, 'The Deeg' — when I think back to Illinois.

"The Deeg was my home away from home, filled with my best friends and some of the happiest and funniest memories I have not only from college, but in my life. I cherish my sorority, the friends it brought me, the experiences it gave me, the bonds and connections it created, the home and family it provided. 

“There are many things I miss about the U of I and I look forward to eventually returning. Greg Hall and the Deeg will certainly be my first stops.”