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Jay Rosenstein

Peabody and Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker

UI Professor, Media and Cinema Studies

Irving Azoff

2020 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee

CEO, Azoff MSG Entertainment

Jeffrey Lieber

TV/film screenwriter/producer

‘Lost’ co-creator

Hannah Bonecutter

Founder/owner, BoneClutter LLC

Teacher, tutor, actress

John ‘JJ’ Harris

Founder, creative director

Techboogie Media

Jonathan Sadowski


‘Live Free or Die Hard'

Matt Fradin

Comcast Corp. VP

Sr. dep. general counsel

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Ryan Suffern

Head of documentaries

Kennedy/Marshall Co.

Frederick Marx

Oscar-nominated filmmaker

Made 1994’s ‘Hoop Dreams’

Jon Lee Brody

LA-based filmmaker

Iron Will Productions

Jodie Burke

Hollywood scriptwriter

ESPN 30 for 30 alumna

Norm Berns

Producer, director

ProStar Media

Jack Leiv


‘The Karate Yid’

Caroline Liem

Casting director/producer

Glass Ceiling Entertainment

Paul Zinnes

Digital asset supervisor

Lucasfilm Animation

Felischa Marye

Staff writer, Netflix

‘13 Reasons Why’

Bill Schultz

Emmy-winning animator

CEO, Home Plate E'tainment

Lorren Cotton


Stacy in TV's 'That Guy'

Marra Gad

Director, president

Egad! Productions

Aaron Weiss

Filmmamer/content marketer


Abby Emmett

Amazon Studios

‘Mozart in the Jungle’

Nathan Hale Williams


iN-Hale Entertainment

Chris Landreth

Award-winning animator

2004 Oscar for ‘Ryan’

Felicia Wong

Emmy-winning director

Showtime Networks

Larry Doyle

Comedy writer

Thurber Prize for humor