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People 33 1976

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Dave Kurlinkus

Chief of Staff, Deputy State’s Attorney

Winnebago County

Lynn Barnett Morris

UI associate professor

Recreation, Sport and Tourism

David Born

R&D director

Dow Chemical Co.

David McCraw

Sr. VP, deputy general counsel

The New York Times Co.

Tim Kearley

Professor emeritus of law

University of Wyoming

Christine ‘LadyBee’ Kristen

Archivist, art collection manager

Burning Man Project

Sunil Benimadhu


Stock Exchange of Mauritius

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An education that proves your purpose

Fred Stavins

City attorney

City of Champaign

Lynn (Bogen) Sanders

Founder, president

Difference Makers Media

Tom Starr

AT&T Labs

Distinguished Engineering Alum

David Lassner


University of Hawaii

Pat McBride

Award-winning writer

Owns Indianapolis company

Michael Rooney

Executive director


Robert Falls

Tony-winning director

Goodman Theatre, Chicago

Robert Gallo

Mechanical engineering prof.

George Mason University

Gene Kritsky


Mt. St. Joseph University

Lynne Barnes


Carle Hospital

Tom Costello

Longtime MTD executive

Communication instructor

Stephan Wiet

Research director/fellow

McNeil Consumer Healthcare

Keith Kinsey

Former CEO


Der-Tsai Lee

President emeritus

National Chung Hsing U

Gary Kebbel

Ex-AOL news director

Now a Nebraska professor

Mark Pelczarski

Software developer

Obama for America, 2011-12

Terry Welch

Texas law partner

Brown & Hofmeister

William Wallace

Art history professor

Washington University