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Xin Wang

Xin Wang

Assistant professor, U of Wisconsin | Civil and environmental engineering | Class of 2012

Before leaving one Big Ten campus for another, three-degree UI grad and Wisconsin assistant professor Xin Wang penned a thank you note to Yanfeng Ouyang and the other members of the engineering group he had the good fortune of joining five years earlier.

He shared a copy with us. It reads:

Dear all,

Thanks so much for all your support. It had been a long but worthwhile journey since the first day I came to our excellent TLS group in 2010. The journey became harsh and challenging when I started seeking an academic position. Fortunately, I was given such a surprising gift at the end of the journey, although there is still “one inch” left for me to completely hold it.

No need to describe how lucky I feel for myself, especially to have all you guys with me and to support me. I am struggling to express my thanks through words, and I will really cherish the few months left with you. I know Madison is very close, hence I will be just with you in a “broader sense.”

Among these thanks, I want to mention how thankful I am to our professor. Without him, I couldn’t imagine how to survive under those challenges. I believe I can conquer, can grow, and can be strong, since I am protected by him, guided by him, and encouraged by him. 

Although I will start a new journey, which is even more challenging, I am confident because I am armed with the spirit of him: the critical and rigorous thinking, the dedicated working attitude, and the courage of never giving up. I think our entire group, no matter where or when, is connected by this spirit. I am proud to say each of us is excellent.

On the other hand, I want to say thank you to my buddies. I am lucky and delighted to work with you guys. Special thanks to Laura for helping me revise my application materials (I owe you a good treat). I learned a lot from each of you.

In addition, I would like to express my thanks to my family, and express their thanks to all of you. Especially from my little boy, he is so lucky born with your loves and concerns.

Again, thank you very much, best wishes to all of you, and I am sure you all will have a wonderful and bright future.

— Xin