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Beth Pieroth

Beth Pieroth

Neuropsychologist | NorthShore U HealthSystem | Class of 1988

There have been happier times to be at Memorial Stadium than the 7-4, 6-5-1, 4-7 and 3-7-1 seasons Dr. Beth Pieroth was in the stands for. 

That is, unless you don’t care all that much what the scoreboard says, which was Pieroth’s position. 

“When I think about my time at Illinois, I could mention places that would make my parents happy, like the library. I could also name the old standards, like Kam’s," says the associate director of the sports concussion program for the NorthShore University HealthSystem.

“But my very first thought about the places at UI that were meaningful to me was Memorial Stadium. From my first game as a freshman to my very last as a senior, going to an Illinois football game was the quintessential college experience to me.

"I loved seeing all of the alumni coming back and tailgating, all of the fans proudly displaying their orange and blue, the traditions before and during the game, and just the collective experience of rooting on our Big Ten team.

"Win or lose, it was always a highlight. 

“It is funny that my professional career is now focused on athletes, which I would not have predicted during my time at Illinois.”