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Christine ‘LadyBee’ Kristen

Christine ‘LadyBee’ Kristen

Archivist, art collection manager | Burning Man Project | Class of 1976

As mentors go, they didn't come any better than the late, great Frank Gallo.

Trust Christine Kristen — aka LadyBee — on that one.

The award-winning head of the UI’s sculpture department during Kristen’s time as an undergrad, “Frank was full of life, kind and funny; he was a very accomplished sculptor and was quite knowledgeable about art history and also contemporary art,” says Burning Man’s Bay Area-based archivist and art collection manager (MFA ’76, sculpture).

“Because of Frank, I was exposed to the life of an artist and the drive and dedication to one’s craft required to be successful. Frank was a good mentor and critic, who always retained his sense of humor, and was a lot of fun to be around.

“He was a caring man, a good father, and quite the role model for a young, aspiring artist like myself.

“I’ll never forget him.”