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Tony Baylis

Tony Baylis

Director, diversity/inclusion | Livermore National Lab | Class of 1985

There isn’t one spot that defines Tony Baylis’ college experience in C-U.

There are eight. At least.

"The places that come to mind for me are the Bruce Nesbitt African American Cultural Center, the La Casa house, the Quad, the Illini Union, Memorial Stadium, Assembly Hall, Green Street and the Taft-Van Doren dorms," says Livermore National Lab's director of diversity and inclusion.

"Each holds a special place in my memory bank for different reasons. I can’t pick one that stands above the rest because they all hold a special place in my mind and heart. 

“However, what I can say that ties all these places together are the people. The relationships built from my time at the U of I have endured time and have helped me personally and professionally. This great university gave me such an enriching education but the relationships and friendships I built at the U of I gave me so much more.”