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Kishor Trivedi

Kishor Trivedi

Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering | Duke University | Class of 1972

Kishor Trivedi is who he is today — the esteemed Hudson Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Duke University — thanks in no small part to four faculty members who rubbed off on the India immigrant as he pursued two postgrad degrees in C-U.

“I was most influenced by my mentor, Professor of Computer Science James E. Robertson,” says Trivedi, who earned his master’s from the UI in 1972 and his Ph.D. two years later. “He instilled a love for research in me and inculcated fairness in giving credit to others.

“Love for teaching was inspired by Computer Science Professors David Kuck and David Muller and Math Professor Klaus Witz.

"Fellow graduate students Milos Ercegovac and Dan Hyde helped make it a fun environment. Social environment was made pleasant by the Indian Student Association.”