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Melissa McKillip

Melissa McKillip

Vice dean for advancement | Rutgers University | Class of 1996

One part fun-filled adventure, one part exercise in agony.

That’s how Melissa McKillip will forever remember the old way of registering for classes at the UI.

“Waiting in line in the Armory was simultaneously frustrating and entertaining,” says the Rutgers University vice dean for advancement (BA ’96, English).

“You would hope and hope a spot opened up or would still be available for the lab or class you wanted to take when you would finally get to the front of the line. It was also a good time to catch up with friends after the winter or summer break.

Two other favorite memories: watching campus' favorite small creatures ("The squirrels had no fear," she says) and studying in the math library inside Altgeld Hall.

Says McKillip: “How can one not be impressed standing under the dome knowing this building was the original library for the state’s land-grant university?”