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Lynn Morley Martin

Lynn Morley Martin

21st Secretary of Labor | U.S. Rep, 1981-91 | Class of 1960

She was the first female ever elected to a congressional leadership position, the first woman to co-chair a presidential campaign and George H.W. Bush’s first choice to succeed Elizabeth Dole as Secretary of Labor. 

And yet, Lynn Morley Martin’s most remarkable feat might well be what she pulled off decades earlier on the sprawling UI campus. 

“I have mixed dominance, which basically means I cannot tell left from right — some said later that was true politically, too — so I spent a great deal of my freshman year lost and unable to find my way," she says.

"I always had to take the same route or go with someone. The Quad became my lodestone, and getting to the stadium was a real hassle.

"But eventually, I made the paths mine.”

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