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Meaghan Dee

Meaghan Dee

Assistant Professor, Chair of Graphic Design | Virginia Tech | Class of 2005

The days turned into nights, and the weekday work often spilled into the weekend. But come morning, when Meaghan Dee picked up that day’s Daily Illini, hot off the presses, the long hours felt worth it.

(For the uninitiated, it's a journalism thing).

Dee’s road to heading up the graphic design program at Virginia Tech started with a part-time job as an undergrad with Illini Media

“I served as the graphics editor for The Daily Illini and later as the art director for Buzz magazine. I spent countless nights working with the team putting the paper together, often staying late covering breaking news — from the tragic (September 11) to the inspiring (the latest in arts, music, entertainment and science,” she writes from Blacksburg, Va.

“The editorial board really pushed me to think about free speech — and how far that free speech should go. The people were lovely, but it was also wonderful to wake up each morning seeing the paper that I helped put together, and I always got a kick out of seeing my work in print.”