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Reshma Shah

Reshma Shah

Associate professor of marketing | Emory University | Class of 1985

Being the townie that she was, Reshma Shah got a head start on the rest of the Class of ’85 when it came to C-U’s fine dining.

“There are two spots that just remind me of ‘home’ when I think about the U of I,” the business administration grad says from Atlanta, where she’s an associate professor of marketing at Emory University.

“One of them is Garcia’s Pizza — or ‘Garz,’ as we called it. I probably had 1,000-plus lunches, dinners and get-togethers at the Garcia’s on the corner of Green Street because it was the place to get together, get some ’za and drinks, and get caught up.

“The little pizzas in boxes were perfect slices for one and the servers made going there all the more fun.

“The second spot was Coslow's, another great place to eat, meet people to catch up and actually do homework.

“I  can still smell the fries from Coslow's. It was kind of a dive, but then what more did you need as an undergrad wanting a central location?”