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Rini Krishnan

Rini Krishnan

Operations director | Fischler Hockey Service | Class of 2013

To Rini Krishnan, there was no night like Wednesday night.

“I’ve got to say that the time-honored tradition of Wednesday-night White Horse Inn karaoke has to be something that I will both never forget and never remember,” says the Class of 2013 grad, who spent more than a couple evenings there before moving to New York, where she’s director of operations for Fischler Hockey Service, the company owned by noted NHL historian and MSG Network analyst Stan Fischler.

“It was just a great little watering hole that bonded every man, woman and man-child with the power of intoxicating music and refreshments, alike.

“It had all the elements of an ideal Hump Day night out — cheap drinks, cheap dates, a giant American flag, a biker with a karaoke machine, clean bathrooms and a collective high tolerance for brutal renditions of Celine Dion. Also, $5 pitchers.

“That place was truly the epitome of my college experience. I don’t know what that says about me, but I’ll take it.”