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Shadia Haddad

Shadia Haddad

Senior investment analyst | Former UI volleyball star | Class of 2002

The Johnstowne Apartments are a tad fancier now than they were when Illini volleyball star-turned professional model-turned Raymond James investment analyst Shadia Haddad (BS ‘02) had a rather unfortunate initiation after the bars shut down early one morning as a freshman.

“I was sad to learn the bars closed at 1 a.m. My teammates said ‘Oh, don’t worry, there are always after-hours parties.’ So we walked happily to Johnstowne Apartments into a giant courtyard filled with people and on all balconies.

"Not more than five minutes into arriving, I was puked on from one of the balconies above. I screamed so loud, I silenced the party and a kind person let me use their shower.

“I walked home to Bromley Hall in a towel and a giant T-shirt with my clothes in a bag. Welcome to college.”

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