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Tom Ludwig

Tom Ludwig

General counsel | National Loan Exchange | Class of 2003

Before he became one himself, Tom Ludwig got to mingle with UI alumni in a position unlike any he'd ever had.

“My time spent working as a student development representative for the University of Illinois Foundation had a positive, and memorable, impact on both my college and post-college life,” says Ludwig (BS ’03, technical system management), the St. Louis-based general counsel and executive vice president of National Loan Exchange, Inc.

“I spent time discussing the benefits of giving to UIUC and other U of I campuses with alumni — work that taught me importance of both communicating well and continuing alumni support. I stayed in touch with the terrific managers of the UIF for several years into law school.

“Music also played a big part of pushing me through the rollercoaster of undergraduate life, specifically the rock-solid Ludicris, who was at the height of his career during my time at the university.

“To me, he was, and is, a poet that generates mostly positivity and motivation — his southern hospitality stayed with me to this day.

“As Nietzsche said: ‘Without music, life would be a mistake.’”