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Ashley Berggren

Ashley Berggren

Illinois Athletics HOF | Now living in London | Class of 1998

Ashley Berggren (BS '98), who scored a school-record 2,089 points for Theresa Grentz's women's basketball team, was coming off an All-Big Ten sophomore season when she got the news no one in her class ever wants to hear:

"Our junior year, Coach Grentz required that the upperclassmen live in the dorms in order to bond with the incoming freshman class. You can imagine how upset we were to have to live in the dorms another year.

"Yet our year at Bromley Hall happened to be one of the best years ever. We would spend countless nights staying up late talking, bonding and occasionally having water fights with the wrestlers."

Favorite spot No. 2 for the UI’s now-No. 2 all-time leading scorer: “Huff Hall, where we spent the majority of our days either practicing and playing games or hanging out in the team room, curling our hair before games or studying for the awful Psych 100 tests. 

“At Huff Hall, we always had a community Halloween party where all the players and staff dressed up. One year, Nicole (Vasey) Dasbach and I decided to dress up in a full two-person horse body suit. She brought up the rear, of course. We choreographed a dance — or more like a compilation of basketball defensive drills — together and performed to the community."

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