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Ashley Predith

Ashley Predith

Senior technical advisor | U.S. Department of Energy | Class of 1999

Many alums who’ve lived to tell about them will have you believe that 8 a.m. classes are a real drag. 

Ashley Predith is not not one of them.

“My first semester as a freshman, I had an 8 a.m. class in Altgeld Hall. As autumn turned to winter, the early morning walk across campus became a trudge, and the wind went from warm and humid to freezing cold.

"My eyes would tear up from the frosty gusts, and I would curse in my head each onslaught of cold air.

“When I finally reached Altgeld, I would open the door and immediately be surrounded by billowing warmth. I walked through the ramped hallways until I got to my classroom where, inside, a kind and patient TA taught us calculus.

"She wrote on a blackboard with chalk, and step by step she clearly and thoughtfully laid out the methods of calculus. That classroom was a little haven of warmth, led by someone we trusted.

"Despite the early morning trudge, a handful of us signed up to have her again the next semester in Altgeld at 8 a.m.”