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People 139 Sciences

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Robert Kravets

Associate professor, food science & nutrition

Cal Poly University

Paul Steely White

Director, safety policy/advocacy

Bird scooter sharing company

Jim Stone

Chair, Dept. of Astrophysical Sciences

Princeton University

Carolyn Primus

Founder, Avalon Biomed

Owns 13 patents

Bhibha Das

Assistant professor, East Carolina

3-time Jeopardy! contestant

Lori Garrett

Professor of human anatomy, physiology

Parkland College

Ray Mentzer

Retired from ExxonMobil

Purdue visiting professor

Richard Ahrenkiel


Lakewood Semiconductors

Scott Tess

Environmental sustainability manager

City of Urbana

Cam Wesson

Professor of sociology and anthropology

Lehigh University

David Faiman

Israel-based director

Ben-Gurion National Solar Energy Center

Heidi Pulito

Unleashed with Grace

Animal Home Hospice and Euthanasia

Marc Williams

Principal product manager

Walmart Labs

Jeff Roberts

Global product manager

GE Healthcare

Mark Clark

Senior partner

O2Works LLC

John McGlone

Professor, Animal and Food Sciences

Texas Tech

Michael Svec

Professor of education

Furman University

David Kopacz

Puget Sound VA psychiatrist

U of Washington asst. professor

George Percivall

Chief engineer/technical officer

Open Geospatial Consortium

Anne Carpenter

Scientist, imaging platform senior director

Broad Institute at Harvard and MIT

Paul Cappiello

Executive director

Yew Dell Botanical Gardens

Khizer Husain

Director of external relations

Two Rivers Public Charter School

Ann Quinn

CEO, Quintessential Edge of Australia

Peak performance specialist

Noelle LoConte

Medical oncologist

University of Wisconsin