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Cesar Escalante

Professor, University of Georgia

Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics

Priya Harjani

Associate VP, deputy general counsel

Northwestern University

Michelle Johnson

Associate professor of anthropology

Bucknell University

Michael Allensworth

Assistant director for residence education

Michigan State

Amanda Moncada-Perkins

Principal consultant and founder

Stoutegy of Chicago

Bridgett Wakefield

Project architect, Reifsteck Reid & Co.

Parkland professor

Lee Cooper

Professor emeritus, marketing


Jovan Jovanovic

Patent attorney

Founding partner, Watson IP Group

David Sidney

Executive director

Transform Rockford

Rosie Fischl

Director of organizational capability

Marriott International

Ken Dallmier

President, Chief Operating Officer

Clarkson Grain Co.

Miranda Soucie


Spiros Law

Sharony Green

Associate professor of history

University of Alabama

Zenobia Ravji

NY-based writer, journalist

Spent 2 years as reporter/producer in Israel

Shondra Clay

Assistant Professor, School of Interdisciplinary Health Professions

Northern Illinois U

Anna Hecht

Money reporter


Zach Groth

Sports director

WPTA-TV, Fort Wayne, Ind.

Chris Gerrib

Author, IT project manager

Addison Group

Dave Kurlinkus

Chief of Staff, Deputy State’s Attorney

Winnebago County

Lori Goldstein

Employment lawyer

Based in Northfield

Michael Munie

Founder, stealth AI company

Former Google software engineer

Grace Gong

Capital markets analyst

Sigma Delta Partners Investment

John Williams III

Assistant Professor, Multicultural Education

Texas A&M University

George Buchanan

Executive VP, Risk Management

Regions Bank