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Jeff Carter

Jeff Carter

Manager | West Loop Ventures | Class of 1984

Jeff Carter’s favorite Illini memories list starts with — where else — “meeting my future wife, Lisa Heidorn, in DKH on the first class of the first day of senior year, BA370,” says the former Illini rugby player, now a passionate alum working for the Chicago venture fund West Loop Ventures.

But it doesn’t end there. Also high on the list:

— “Getting in a big argument over motivational theory with Professor Gregg Oldham on Hackman-Oldham theory. He wrote and researched it. I called him back 10 years later acknowledging he was correct — and he remembered the argument and thanked me.”

— “Meeting Professor Paul Magelli 30 years after I graduated and getting reintegrated into the Gies College of Business. I wished I’d have met him sooner and taken a class from him.”

— “Any day walking down the Quad — winter, spring or fall — and just enjoying the beauty of the university.”

— “CO’s, Kam’s, Murphy’s, The Mug Club and the DeLuxe. Nothing beats a fish sandwich, pool and a Falstaff on a Friday.”

— “1983 Big Ten champs in football. Remember those days? Bring ’em back, Lovie.”

— “Winning the intramural basketball championship with guys I played against in junior college, crushing the Illini redshirts and everyone else.”

— “Interacting with the students that are enrolled today — they are so intelligent and I think they will do great things in the future.”