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Stephanie Majewski

Stephanie Majewski

Associate professor of physics | University of Oregon | Class of 2002

For Stephanie Majewski (BS ’02, physics), there’s no place quite like the Grainger Engineering Library.

“I spent many, many hours doing physics homework sets at those tables up on the second floor along with my friends and classmates who lived in Hendrick House,” says the associate professor of physics at the University of Oregon.

“Years later, it still ranks high on my list of great places to get work done — it struck the right balance of being quiet but allowing you to channel the energy of your peers around you, who were also working hard late into the evening or on the weekends.

“In particular, I recently was back in town for a conference and was compelled to take a photo with the statue — of the guy reading a book — out by the Quad, reenacting a fun memory from my undergrad days.”