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Ron Domanico

Ron Domanico

Senior VP & CFO | The Brink’s Company | Class of 1980

Four decades and six high-powered CFO jobs later, Ron Domanico is still practicing what his favorite Gies College of Business professor preached.

“In a time of concern about the sustainability of the earth and overpopulation, Julian Simon professed that people are the ultimate resource,” Domanico (BS ’80, management science; MBA ’81, finance) says from Dallas, where he’s the senior vice president and CFO for The Brink’s Company.

“If nurtured, people can produce the greatest economic return. I believe that all people are intrinsically valuable. I recognize that different positions have different values, but believe that each person is equally valuable.

“It has been a belief system — and an economic model — that has served me well over a 40-year career.”

You can say that again. Among the companies for which Domanico has served as CEO: Kraft, Nabisco International, AHL Services, Caraustar Industries, Home Depot Supply and now Brinks.