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Ashley Llorens

Ashley Llorens

Chief, Intelligent Systems Center | Johns Hopkins University | Class of 2001

An Illini love story, balcony-on-Fourth-and-Daniel edition ...

It was there, 18 years ago, where Ashley Llorens met his bride-to-be. 

“She lived next door and our apartments shared a balcony," says Llorens (BS '01, computer engineering; MS '03, electrical engineering/digital signal processing), now chief of the Intelligent Systems Center at Johns Hopkins University.

"One evening, we and some friends made plans to go dancing. Her knee was still pretty hurt after surgery, and she had duct taped on an ACE bandage to shore it up for the night. On the way home, seeing her limp, I gave her a piggy-back ride.

"We stopped at a little pizza spot called Bonnie Jean’s and then joined our friends for a late-night chat. After talking all night, I knew I’d found someone special. We now live in Columbia, Maryland together with our two kids.”

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