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Shawna Cooper-Gibson

Assistant provost

Loyola University Chicago

George Sakas

Director of economic development/strategic planning

Chicago Executive Airport

Cam Wesson

Professor of sociology and anthropology

Lehigh University

Mehb Khoja


Medical Risk Managers, Inc.

Henry Lowenstein

Professor of management and law

Coastal Carolina University

Hannah Bonecutter

Founder/owner, BoneClutter LLC

Teacher, tutor, actress

Maury Fertig

Co-founder, CIO

Relative Value Partners

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An education that proves your purpose

David Faiman

Israel-based director

Ben-Gurion National Solar Energy Center

Paul Booth

DePaul associate professor

Media and cinema studies

Nate Summers

Author, Falcon Press

‘Primal: Why We Long to Be Wild and Free’

Norah Piehl

Executive director

Boston Book Festival

Dan Naiman

Professor of applied math, statistics

Johns Hopkins

Jeff Davis


Meyer Capel

Christine Chakoian

VP for seminary advancement

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Heidi Pulito

Unleashed with Grace

Animal Home Hospice and Euthanasia

Aaron Kaplan

Orchestra director

Glenbrook North/South HS

Xuming He

Professor of statistics

University of Michigan

Marc Williams

Principal product manager

Walmart Labs

Susan Rankaitis

Professor of art

Scripps College

Kurt Hettinger

Assistant gymnastics coach

Auburn University

Ahmed Sameh

Purdue professor emeritus

Computer science

Dan Kardatzke

President, CFO


Zack Rosen

CEO, co-founder

Pantheon Systems

Bob Frump

Acclaimed investigative reporter

Won Polk, Loeb awards

Nicole Jorwic

Director of rights policy

The Arc of the United States