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Gioia Altobelli

Computational biologist

Bioinformatics of the UK

John Andrews

Population biologist

Lincoln Park Zoo

Scott Barrows

Director, medical visualization

Jump Trading Center

Justin Bois

Biology lecturer


Anne Carpenter

Scientist, imaging platform senior director

Broad Institute at Harvard and MIT

Josie Chambers

Postdoctoral fellow in geography

University of Cambridge

Andy Kortkamp

VP, Supply Chain

General Mills

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Chelsey Coombs

Writer, producer

The Weather Channel

Lori Garrett

Professor of human anatomy, physiology

Parkland College

Khizer Husain

Director of external relations

Two Rivers Public Charter School

Paul Kivela


American College of Emergency Physicians

Vincent Ling

Senior director

Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Noelle LoConte

Medical oncologist

University of Wisconsin

Bill Meyer

Natural resource specialist

U.S. Army ERDC

Susan Nagele

Medal of Valor winner

Maryknoll Lay Missioner

Chinonye Nnakwe

Molecular biologist

National Science Foundation

Jessica Pitcher

Champaign principal

Robeson Elementary

Sri Raman

Studio production


Angel Rivera

Research microbiologist


Phillip Sharp

Renowned geneticist, biologist

Shared 1993 Nobel Prize

Scott Solomon

Biologist, professor

Rice University

Paula Welander

Stanford assistant professor

Earth System Science

Paul Steely White

Director, safety policy/advocacy

Bird scooter sharing company

Jessica Whitham

Animal welfare biologist

Chicago Zoological Society

Josh Yellin

Head of global operations

Google Launchpad