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Ahmed Abukhater

Digital aviation, Boeing

Palestine powerlifting champ

Howard Aizenstein

2019 LAS Alumni Achievement Award

Physician, scientist, Pitt professor

Gioia Altobelli

Computational biologist

Bioinformatics of the UK

John Andrews

Population biologist

Lincoln Park Zoo

Steve Bachrach

Organic chemist

Monmouth science dean

Meg Bates

U of Chicago senior research and evaluation scientist

Director of digital teacher learning research

Andrew McIntyre


Chicago Cubs

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An education that proves your purpose

Rachel Behrens

Polymer technical director

UCSB Materials Research Lab

Brian Berg

Medical science liaison

Rhythm Pharmaceuticals

Rebecca Bilbro

Lead data scientist

ByteCubed, Inc.

Linda Birnbaum

NIEHS director

Distinguished Alumni Award

Bruce Bloom


Cures Within Reach

Michael Burton

Assistant professor

University of Texas-Dallas

Jacob Calvert

Chief scientist, Dascena

Pursuing Ph.D. at Cal-Berkeley

Anne Carpenter

Scientist, imaging platform senior director

Broad Institute at Harvard and MIT

Cindy Chang

Assoc. director, business operations

Codexis, Inc.

David Citrin

Engineering professor

Georgia Tech

E.J. Corey

Won Nobel in chemistry

UI professor, 1951-59

Ed Cupp

World-renowned entomologist

Auburn professor emeritus

Andrew Dahlem


Eli Lilly and Co.

Areg Danagoulian

MIT assistant professor

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Adam Davis

UI professor of crop sciences

College of ACES

Bonner Denton

Professor of chemistry, biochemistry

University of Arizona

Peter Dorhout

Vice president/research

Kansas State University

Kelvin Droegemeier

UI atmospheric sciences professor and special advisor to the chancellor

Former director, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy