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People 42 1985

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John Aravosis

AMERICAblog founder

Democratic consultant

Dave Arthurs

Chief technology officer


Tony Baylis

Director, diversity/inclusion

Livermore National Lab

Drew Bohan

Executive director

California Energy Commission

Jim Clewlow

Chief investment officer/executive VP

CenterPoint Properties

Steven Deller

Professor, Community Development Specialist

University of Wisconsin Extension

Joe Halwax

Sr. VP, managing director

PNC of Chicago

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An education that proves your purpose

Peter Dorhout

Vice president/research

Kansas State University

Mark Enomoto

Graphic designer

Honolulu, Hawaii

Andrew Fell


Andrew Fell Architecture and Design

Tony Frank

Colorado State University System Chancellor

Former CSU President (2008-19)

Kent Fuchs


University of Florida

Kurt Greenbaum

Director of communications

Washington U’s Olin Business School

Julie Hines



Sharon Marshall Hoerr

Emeritus professor

Michigan State University

Neil Kane

Director, Michigan St.

Undergrad. Entrepreneurship

Diane Kovacs

Web teacher/librarian

Alumni Leadership Award

Bruce Lederman


Smith Life Communities

Jeff Legwold

Senior writer


Greg Leman

Director, LAUNCH Innovative Business Accelerator

Baylor University

Wendy Levy

Midwest senior director

Vogue magazine

Paul Lisnek

WGN TV host

‘Politics Tonight’

Michael Longinow

Media, journalism professor

Biola University

Jo Major

CEO, SensThys

Partner, InSite Partners

Gennaro Marino


Marino Engineering