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People 24 Cal-Berkeley

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Newton Cheng

Global health and performance lead


Markita Landry

2020 UI Young Alumni Award winner

Assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, Cal-Berkeley

Lee Cooper

Professor emeritus, marketing


Keith Westcott

2010 LAS Distinguished Service Award

Retired scientist, visiting UI scholar

Rick Lawrence


PCIX, Inc.

Jacob Calvert

Chief scientist, Dascena

Pursuing Ph.D. at Cal-Berkeley

Todd Fisher

Managing principal

St. James of London

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An education that proves your purpose

Donald Harris

Stanford professor emeritus

Kamala Harris’ dad

Justin Kardel


Sextus Industries

Eric Loeb

Data scientist


Carolyn Primus

Founder, Avalon Biomed

Owns 13 patents

Bruce Singman

LA-based attorney

Former Illini fullback

Sandy Miarecki

Assistant professor

Air Force Academy

Cindy Chang

Assoc. director, business operations

Codexis, Inc.

Vincent Ling

Senior director

Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Gagan Bhatia


DataStride Solutions

Allen Yang

Executive director

Cal Center for Augmented Cognition

Robert David

Dir. of corporate education


Forrest Iandola



Shaila Kotadia

Director of Culture and Inclusion

Stanford School of Medicine

Beth Dupuis

Director, specialty libraries


Jon Burgstone

Director, Symbol Capital

Illini Comeback Award

Dan Farber

Law professor


Omar Yaghi

Award-winning scientist

Cal-Berkeley professor

Bob Berdahl

University president

Texas, '93-'97; Cal, '97-'04