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People 27 Allen Hall

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David Adeleye

Policy specialist

Obama White House

Scott Barrows

Director, medical visualization

Jump Trading Center

Joan Cetera

Senior director/PR


Brett Coffee

COO, general counsel

CSCI of Washington

Emma Dorantes

Staff attorney, legal advocate

Illinois Guardianship and Advocacy Commission

Nancy Farrell

Reg. dietitian nutritionist

Farrell Dietitian Services

Aaron Mobarak

’91 Academic All-American

Investment firm president

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Grace Gong

Capital markets analyst

Sigma Delta Partners Investment

Terence Hung

Computational engineering

Rolls-Royce Singapore

Khizer Husain

Director of external relations

Two Rivers Public Charter School

Beth Jones

COO, Hillary for America

Ex-White House director

Kevin Keeker

Principal researcher

Sony PlayStation North America

David Kopacz

Puget Sound VA psychiatrist

U of Washington asst. professor

David Lassner


University of Hawaii

Pat McAtee

Dept. of Pediatrics

Baylor College of Medicine

Brent McDonald

Senior video journalist

The New York Times

Mary Jo Meisner

Veteran newspaper editor

3-time Pulitzer juror

Charlie Meyerson



Karen Mitchell Wilcher

DC-area consultant

Hospitality industry

Eboo Patel

Faith advisor

Obama Administration

Kathleen Piche

Mental health spokeswoman

Los Angeles County

Cynthia Pietrucha

Managing attorney

Pietrucha Law Firm

Misha Rezvi

Emmy/Outstanding research

PBS' ‘Outlawed in Pakistan'

Chuck Richards


Iowa State

Zack Rosen

CEO, co-founder

Pantheon Systems