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People 45 Military

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Scott Altman

NASA astronaut

Flew 4 shuttle missions

Lee Archambault

NASA astronaut

Flew 2 shuttle missions

Steve Austin

Asst. Chief/Army Reserve

The Pentagon

Andrew Bender

Director of operations

Chez Veterans Center

Jason Christensen

Military aide

Office of Naval Secretary

Margaret Clay

Manager, U.S. Navy

Antiterrorism Program

Lynn Carroll

Chief of strategy, operations


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An education that proves your purpose

Chris Cramer

VP of research

University of Minnesota

Leslie ‘Cap’ Dean

Foreign-service worker

Ex-General Dynamics analyst

Phil DeRuntz

Board chairman

iPrime Fund

Jon Ebel

Professor, head

Department of Religion

David Eichhorn

Retired major general

U.S. Air Force

Colleen Glaser-Allen

Criminal appeals judge

Navy-Marine Corps Court

Valerie Hague

Implementation project manager


Nidia Holiday

Management analyst

Defense Health Agency

Justin Hsia

Flight test engineer

Sierra Nevada Corp.

Cam Iannalfo

Seaman Apprentice

U.S. Navy

Carl Johnson

Retired Navy captain

Grove Street Fiduciary CEO

Susan Johnson

ACES Award of Merit

U of Colorado professor

Brandon Jones

Brigade judge advocate

Based in Wiesbaden, Germany

Carrie Kagawa

Chief of staff/consultant

Nat'l Veterans Intermediary

Margaret Kealy-Machella

Chief of public affairs

U.S. Air Force

John Kuzan

Research manager


Tom Lamont

Assistant Army Secretary

Obama Administration

Cheryl Lentz

Award-winning author

Dissertation coach