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Sameena Aghi

Senior VP of managed care

Illinois Primary Health Care Assn.

Todd BenDor

Professor of city and regional planning

UNC-Chapel Hill

Lisa Brown

Former majority leader

Washington state Senate

Kate Davis

Assistant professor

Texas A&M College of Engineering

Melissa McKillip

Vice dean for advancement

Rutgers University

Latasha Thomas

Senior counsel

Clark Hill of Chicago

Elizabeth Austin

Editorial consultant

Social media strategist

Paul Cappiello

Executive director

Yew Dell Botanical Gardens

Karla Vallance

Writer, author

Former AOL, Christian Science Monitor editor

Khizer Husain

Director of external relations

Two Rivers Public Charter School

Rachel Scott

Librarian, associate professor

University of Memphis

Crystal Park

Journalism and mass media instructor

Pierce College

Reshma Shah

Associate professor of marketing

Emory University

Ken Macur


Medaille College

Joshua Finnell

Head of research/instruction

Colgate Case Library and Geyer Center

Stephen Steinhaus


Solihull Academy of the UK

Noelle LoConte

Medical oncologist

University of Wisconsin

Venus Evans-Winters

Associate professor

Illinois State University

Darius Spieth

Professor of art history


Richard Lutz

Professor of marketing

University of Florida

Bonner Denton

Professor of chemistry, biochemistry

University of Arizona

Jake Livengood

Director of career services

Tufts School of Medicine

Patrick Berry

Associate professor

Syracuse University

Tom Colberg


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