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Amanda Peterson

Milwaukee Art Museum

Former Google exec

Michael Kelly

Media executive

Ex-Weather Channel CEO

Ayala Donchin

New York restaurant owner

Founded Evelyn’s Kitchen

Jon Asamoah

5-year NFL lineman

Academic All-Big Ten

Bob Martinez

Florida governor, 1987-91

U.S. Drug Czar, 1991-93

Julia Gouw

Retired banking COO

California’s East West Bank

Betty Mohlenbrock

President, Reading Legacies

Alumni Humanitarian Award

Brad Pavone

Executive producer, OWN

On Team Oprah since ’05

Sima Dahl

International speaker

Personal branding specialist

Ken Paulson


Former USA Today editor

Dan O’Connor

Video coordinator, International Player Development

New York Yankees

Summer Xia

Manager, global partnerships

Cleveland Cavaliers

Kieran Kelliher

Head of finannce, Chicago Bulls

Adjunct lecturer, Northwestern University School of Professional Studies

John Sapora


VP, First Tee

Sheldon Siegel


2012 Illini Comeback Award

Bill Geist

Author, columnist, humorist

Won Emmys in 1992, 2005

Chuck Pelletier

TV/film veteran

Director, Princess Cruises

Ang Lee

Movie maker

3 Oscar wins with 3 movies

Roxanne Decyk

Former oil industry executive

Held top posts at Shell, Amoco

Timothy Carhart


‘Thelma & Louise,’ ‘Witness’

Mary Doria Russell

Science fiction author

2-time Pulitzer nominee

Alan Ruck

Played sidekick Cameron in 'Ferris Bueller’s Day Off'

Can now be seen on HBO's 'Succession'

Henry Petroski

Civil engineering professor

Distinguished Alumni Award

Cheryl Berman

Award-winning ad exec

Past chairman, Leo Burnett