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Jason Adams

Former executive editor

Entertainment Weekly

Rich Archbold

Executive editor

Long Beach Press-Telegram

Dan Balz

Chief correspondent

The Washington Post

Mike Bass

Award-winning journalist

Former DI editor-in-chief

Barry Bearak

Pulitzer-winning reporter

The New York Times

Norm Berns

Producer, director

ProStar Media

Adrienne Washington

Leadership coach and consultant, AA3 Solutions LLC

Former HR senior manager, Lockheed Martin

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An education that proves your purpose

Josh Birnbaum

School of Visual Communication

Ohio University

Paola Boivin

Selection committee member

College Football Playoff

Cathy Bushman

Senior director

Tiffany & Co.

Mike Bushman


Former DI editor-in-chief

Jennifer Card

Senior counsel


Erin Carlson

Editor in chief

The Nob Hill Gazette

Marty Casey

Rock singer, guitarist

The Lovehammers

Mike Cassidy

Lead storyteller, Signifyd

Former columnist, San Jose Mercury News

Joan Cetera

Senior director/PR


Brian Costello

Marketing and communications

Loyola Law School

Dave Cullen


Wrote best-seller 'Columbine'

Sima Dahl

International speaker

Personal branding specialist

Meaghan Dee

Assistant Professor, Chair of Graphic Design

Virginia Tech

Larry Doyle

Comedy writer

Thurber Prize for humor

Angelica Duria

TV anchor/reporter

WITI, Milwaukee

Dave Eggers

Best-selling author

Time Book of Year winner

Pat Embry

Nonprofit executive

Nashville, Tenn.

Monica Eng

Chicago reporter, Axios

Five-time James Beard Award nominee