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People 34 Colorado

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Ahmed Abukhater

Digital aviation, Boeing

Palestine powerlifting champ

Richard Ahrenkiel


Lakewood Semiconductors

Lee Archambault

NASA astronaut

Flew 2 shuttle missions

Ingrid Black

Training center coordinator

U.S. Olympic Committee

Timothy Bracken

Director, affordable housing team


Gary Brierley


Doctor Mole, Inc.

Carlos Braga

Former director, Europe

The World Bank

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An education that proves your purpose

Kent Choquette

Abel Bliss Professor

UI Grainger College of Engineering

Jon Creyts

Managing director

Rocky Mountain Institute

Dave Cullen


Wrote best-seller 'Columbine'

Tom Cycyota



Andrew Dahlem


Eli Lilly and Co.

Katie Foody

Denver-based reporter

The Associated Press

Karen Frame


Makeena, Inc.

Tony Frank

Colorado State University System Chancellor

Former CSU President (2008-19)

Emily Garnett

Attorney, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Champaign native

Rick George

Colorado athletic director

Former Illini cornerback

David Ikenberry

Professor of finance and former dean

University of Colorado

Susan Johnson

ACES Award of Merit

U of Colorado professor

Sam Kellerhals

Healthcare consultant

SJK Consulting, Denver

Kiel Lauer

Principal trombonist

San Juan Symphony

Hussam Mahmoud

Professor, civil and environmental engineering

Colorado State University

Amber McReynolds

CEO, National Vote At Home Institute and Coalition

Co-author, ‘When Women Vote’

Sandy Miarecki

Assistant professor

Air Force Academy

Collinus Newsome

6-time Big Ten champ

The Denver Foundation